This Symposium has a focus on numeracy which will provide an opportunity for educators to hear from a variety of guest speakers and from member boards within the Barrie Region MISA PNC. The Symposium offers educators from various positions and locations throughout the Barrie Region the opportunity to engage with one another and develop a broader, shared understanding of how a variety of instructional strategies can lead to improved student achievement.


George Gadanidis is an author of math and science stories for young children and a professor and researcher at the University of Western Ontario. The math and science stories he has authored with his daughter Molly have been widely used in classrooms in Canada and beyond and include “Math Trains, Smart Multiplications—Fox Gets the Grapes and A New Home for Scruffy” to name just a few. George holds many scholarly and research awards, including a Lifetime Fellowship to the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences.


Trevor Brown is a well known presenter in the mathematics community. His dynamic presentation style combined with his thought provoking ideas label him a conference favourite. Trevor has contributed to many new mathematic publications including the textbook series, Addison Wesley, “Mathematics Makes Sense”. He is the Associate Professor of Mathematics Education, Tyndale University College Course Director, Mathematics Education, York University, consultant/author and Principal Investigator of Mathematics Exemplars, Ontario Ministry of Education. Trevor is also the editor of the OAME journal, ‘The Abacus’. Trevor is proof that there is no “tired” in “retired”!

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