This Symposium has a focus on intermediate numeracy which will provide an opportunity for educators to hear from an international numeracy speaker as well as participate in a variety of numeracy workshops from member boards within the Barrie Region MISA PNC. The Symposium offers educators from various positions and locations throughout the Barrie Region the opportunity to engage with one another and develop a broader, shared understanding of how a variety of instructional strategies can lead to improved student achievement. Our Keynote speaker, Dan Meyer, will challenge our conventional thinking when it comes to teaching mathematics and provide alternatives that stimulate increased student engagement in mathematics. Our break-out sessions target classroom initiatives that will lead to improved student engagement and improved student achievement.


Dan Meyer taught high school math for six years to students who, in many cases, did not like high school math. He is currently a doctoral candidate at Stanford University in the field of math education. He speaks internationally and works with publishers to help them transition from print to digital media. He was named one of Tech & Learning’s 30 Leaders of the Future and an Apple Distinguished Educator. He lives in Mountain View, CA.

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