Ruth Baumann has been a teacher and a school administrator. She was Secretary/ Treasurer of the Ontario Teachers’ Federation, where she was the chief administrative officer, and she served as Chair of the Education Network of Ontario Board of Directors. In addition, Ms. Baumann was Field Director for the evaluation of secondary school student success programs conducted by the Canadian Council on Learning for the Ministry of Education.


Her keynote address at the Spring Research Symposium, Evaluation of Ontario’s Student Success/Learning to 18 Strategy (June 2009), was sponsored by the Barrie Region MISA Professional Network Centre.


In the video segments below, Ruth Baumann focuses on the formative evaluation of Student Success/ Learning to 18 at the provincial level undertaken by the Canadian Council on Learning.


Suggested Audience

  • Superintendents with elementary and/or secondary responsibilities
  • Administrators (elementary and secondary)
  • Teachers
  • Board researchers and analysts
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