Social Media and Privacy with Nadya Tymochenko

In these vignettes, Nadya Tymochenko, Partner and Chair of the Education Law Group at Miller Thomson LLP, discusses the current social media landscape, privacy issues raised by the use of social media in an educational setting, and relevant legislation.

Nadya Tymochenko: Vignette 1 provides an overview of the key privacy issues raised by using social media in an educational context.


Nadya Tymochenko: Vignette 2 presents a Q&A in which Nadya discusses the following topics:

  • codes of conduct and legislation regarding the use of social media by students, teachers and school boards
  • relevant examples of case law, such as Pridgen v. University of Calgary [2010] ABQB 644 (CanLII)


Nadya Tymochenko: Vignette 3 presents strategies that school boards can use to encourage the appropriate use of social media among students and staff.



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