Google Apps is a cloud solution that works on any computer and on many PDAs including netbooks and cell phones. Cloud computing was a major recommendation in the international 2009 Horizon Report which addresses major trends in technology and education over the coming years. We implemented Google Apps for Education at my school, Adam Scott C.V.I. (grades 7–12) in February 2008 and I am the site administrator. Google Apps has had a major positive impact on learning for students and is used by teachers to make their lessons richer and more relevant.


Google Apps is a very powerful collaboration tool that dramatically improves learning, engages students and teaches 21st Century skills. It allows students and teachers to work collaboratively in the cloud to create on-line shared documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), calendars, email, chat, create wikis/web pages, a private YouTube service and more. It has a powerful security tool that protects students’ privacy.


Google Apps is free (and ad free) for educational institutions and saves school boards and districts hundreds of thousands of dollars as they do not have to pay for software licenses, network servers, network software and virus and span checkers. It also reduces the need to print which also saves money and is good for the environment.


Thousands of schools, colleges and universities from around the world have registered Google Apps. Several States including New York, Colorado and Oregon have put all their students on Google Apps.


This practical presentation will give practical examples including testimonial videos from students and teachers from my school as well as on-line resources on my non-profit educational web sites – and

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